Colors of the homeland A terrifying sight … Hundreds of monkeys attack shops and restaurants because of Corona


It appears that the new Corona virus not only casts a shadow on humans, but its list of victims extends to include animals as well as humans.

In a strange scene transmitted by the pioneers of social networking sites, a video clip showing hundreds of wild monkeys circulating in the streets of Thailand, circulated fiercely in search of food, after it caused a virus Sk The newcomer, “Coffed 19”, was cut off from food.

The video showed hundreds of monkeys spread in the streets of the “Luburi” district in central Thailand, amid fierce quarrels among them, in order to obtain even “one banana”, after the Corona virus caused a decrease in the numbers of tourists who usually bring them food in a large way, according to the newspaper “The British Sun.

Large groups can be seen running through a road and targeting each monkey to get a banana, and although the scene appears familiar to the people of the city, some of them were shocked and terrified, due to the unusual ferocity with which monkeys attack shops and restaurants.

Sasaluk Ratanachai, who picked up the scene from outside a shop where she works, said that the monkeys looked more like wild dogs, went crazy for a single piece of food, and suggested that the monkeys were very hungry which explains their violent behavior.

Lupore is home to thousands of wild monkeys roaming the streets and buildings, many of which live on the lands of ancient Buddhist temples in the area, and due to the spread of the coronavirus the number of tourists decreased by 44%.

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