Corona epidemic saved China from a catastrophe that nearly killed 80,000 people … video


Despite the coronary coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreaks worldwide, it has affected the economy of some countries, suspended the study, and taken a lot of Measures The other precaution that affected daily life, however, on the other hand, it became clear that the spread of the virus around the world is a positive aspect.

More than 7 thousand deaths due to the virus caused everyone to panic and their eagerness to stay at home, as well as the stopping of tourism and travel, and the use of cars or touring in other cities, this fear and eagerness to stay at home has had a positive side, which reduces pollution significantly, which may contribute It reduces natural disasters caused by global warming, according to the science journal Science.

On March 8, Stanford University environmental resource expert Marshall Burke made several successive calculations about the recent low air pollution in parts of China, and published it on a global blog, Food, Environment and Economic Dynamics, G-FEED, explaining that reducing pollution resulted in a lower number of deaths due to pollution In China significantly.

According to his study, the number of deaths due to air pollution and global warming far exceeds the number of victims of the Corona virus outbreak, especially since deaths from pollution are from all age groups, explaining that reducing pollution in several cities for the past two months has saved about 4000 children under five, and 73 A thousand adults over the age of 70 in China. This is much more than the current global death toll from the virus itself.

Physicist Josef Lilleveld of the Cyprus Institute in Nicosia said that it is striking that the number of deaths due to the Corona virus is much lower than that caused by the effect of smoking and air pollution, and other diseases. For example, many diseases have been discovered a treatment for them but they have a clear impact on mortality rates such as Malaria, AIDS, and drug use.

According to his study, air pollution has also decreased in several other countries, including Italy, which has instituted strict quarantine measures, and satellite data in northern Italy has now shown a significant decrease in air pollution, specifically in nitrogen dioxide gas, which is emitted mainly from cars, trucks and energy. Plants and some industrial facilities, to become a sign that we need to change our habits after controlling the virus.

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