Corona fatalities touch 2500 in Iran .. And a shopping center turns into a hospital


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Iran has announced 144 new deaths from the Corona virus, which brings the number of deaths to 2378. An official at the Iranian Ministry of Health added that the number of infected people has risen to 32,322 in this country that is among the most affected in the world by the epidemic.

“During the past 24 hours, we recorded 2926 injuries across the country,” bringing Kiyanosh Jahanpur to a televised news conference, raising the total number of cases in Iran to 32,332, adding that 11,133 people have recovered.

From Iran (AFP)
From Iran (AFP)

Iranian state television reported that the army had set up a hospital with a capacity of 2000 beds in an exhibition center in the capital, Tehran, to support the local health care system while the country was facing the worst outbreak of the Corona virus in the Middle East.

The television said the new facility, which includes three units and several isolation suites, was created in just 48 hours. It will be used for patients recovering from “Covid 19” caused by the virus.

Yesterday, Thursday, state television quoted General Ali Jahanshahi, Deputy Army Coordinator, as saying that the hospital had been handed over to the medical staff, and would start receiving patients next week.

Iran is fighting the worst outbreak of Corona in the region, at a time when the actual numbers of the injured and the dead are believed to be different from official statistics.

The authorities have urged residents to stay in their homes, but have not imposed sweeping closures such as those imposed elsewhere in the world.

Iranian officials have repeatedly insisted that The outbreak is under control Despite fears of the collapse of health facilities in the country.

Iran is subject to US sanctions Since President Donald Trump withdrew from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal with world powers. The United States has offered humanitarian aid to Iran, but the authorities have refused.

Earlier this week, the Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, rejected US aid, citing a conspiracy theory that says the US made the virus, something for which there is no scientific evidence.

In another context, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said yesterday that he had sent a message to Khamenei asking for permission to withdraw one billion dollars from the country’s reserves to spend on combating the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Rouhani, speaking during a meeting of his government’s economic committee, on Thursday, announced that The Ministry of Health needs one billion dollars For the next three months to control an outbreak.

According to the Iranian president, this amount will be spent specifically on hospital equipment, public health and hygiene needs.

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