Corona forces “Disney” to postpone the introduction of black widow


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Due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, the closing of cinemas, and directing the masses to avoid gatherings, Disney decided to release its new black widow movie, starring Scarlett Johansson, which was scheduled to open the cinematic season in Hollywood next May, and Disney did not announce a new date for the launch. The movie, which revolves in the Marvel Superheroes world in the Avangers film series, which preceded the appearance of “Scarlett Johansson” with the character “Black Widow” in the latest movie.

As usual, Marvel’s superhero films belong to the movement and excitement.

The company also announced the postponement of other films for it without specifying new dates for its release until the resumption of cinemas in Hollywood and abroad in a number of countries in the world, its activity, as it postponed the launch of the movie “The personal history of David Coper field and the man in the window”, after it was scheduled to launch them Next May.

The company also retracted the launch of the movie “Mulan” this month, after the spread of the Corona virus in a number of countries, especially China, which was the most prominent global market for American films.


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