Corona killed or human beings? .. Watch how the Indian authorities sterilize citizens


Social media pioneers shared a video of how the authorities treated Hindi In sterilizing the vast numbers of Indian citizens against a virus Sk.
In a surprising scene men appeared Indians Specialists from the video disinfection teams have gathered a large number of people and started spraying them with sterile chemicals together as a preventive measure to avoid a virus outbreak Sk.

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This surprised the activists and the tweeters, as it turned out that these people are Indian workers who are subjected to a rapid sterilization process as part of procedures to confront the Coronavirus.

The clip sparked outrage in India with what activists described as “inhuman”, and one of the activists tweeted, “They are trying to kill who ?, Corona or the human beings? … The migrant workers and their families were forced to shower in a chemical solution when they entered Parelli.”

While the Indian news anchor, Raul Kanwal, has already denounced the disgraceful in another tweet, saying: “There must be strict penalties for those responsible for this farce, just because these people are impotent immigrants, so is it acceptable to” purify them “in this inhuman way ?, Chemicals cannot be used Given to firefighters to sterilize buses on humans! “.

Dozens of workers appear in the video, sitting on the ground, while one of the disinfection and sterilization teams does their work using similar “hoses” that are in the fire trucks and then direct them to the workers to spray them with water and disinfectant chemicals.

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