Corona lives on shoes for 5 days … a new trick from the smart virus to break into homes


Not only is the problem in your hands, you have warned an infectious disease specialist
Coronavirus can stay on the surface of the shoes for up to 5 days, he suggested
Experts say shoe insole is a major “breeding environment” for bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Shoes are likely to be a potential source of pollution if worn
In crowded areas such as supermarkets or public transportation, according to the Daily

Although there is currently no firm evidence that the virus has entered
Home by shoe, the emergency doctor has advised setting aside one pair of shoes for work
Just to avoid the possibility of getting the disease home.

A family doctor named “Jurgen Nanos” said the coronavirus
He can live on rooftops for up to 12 hours or even longer, adding that this definitely includes
the shoes.

However, Infectious Diseases Specialist Marie Skimditt said that
Survival of the virus on shoe surfaces may actually be 5 days or more, citing studies
Performed with materials closely related to the reaction materials of shoes with room temperature.

The soles are usually made of non-porous materials including
Rubber, leather and compounds
PVC Which results in carrying levels
High in bacteria, according to a study published by Charles Gerba, a Microbiologist and Professor
At the University of Arizona the spray can also be transmitted out of the mouth and nose loaded with the virus.

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