Corona postpones the latest client films 007


Corona postpones the latest client films 007


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The premiere of the 25th James Bond movie has been postponed from April to November due to the spread of the Corona virus.

This was reported on the official page of the movie on “Twitter”.

Universal Film Workshop and film producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Brockley announced that they had decided to postpone the “No Time to Die” release of James Bond after a detailed study of the global film market.

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No time to die .. movie song

The film was to be screened on Monday, April 2 in London, before which advertisements and marketing events would take place with the participation of a large number of people. And he made a decision to postpone his first offer to November 12, knowing that it will be shown on November 25 in the United States.

The film’s fans had earlier called on its producers to postpone its premiere, as the spread of the Corona virus in Europe is expected to peak in April.

It is mentioned that the 25th Jubilee part of the movie about James Bonn “No Time to Die” has been facing problems since his filming began when the director Danny Powley and his old creative partner, John Hoge, whose producers did not approve the script, left him. They were replaced by the 42-year-old American director, Carrie Jogi, who is known for directing the detective series True Detective, postponing the film’s release date.

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