Corona procedures disrupt public life in several Arab countries



In the context of the precautionary measures taken by the Arab countries to stop the spread of the Corona virus, the decision to close the Jordanian capital, Amman, Thursday morning, came into effect within the plan to confront the virus.

from Jordan
from Jordan

On Wednesday, the Jordanian Armed Forces announced that it would close Amman and all governorates and prevent movement between them, while permitting movement within them only for the absolute necessity, from this morning until further notice.

And the armed forces in its decision excluded persons authorized by the concerned authorities known to them and the security services and according to the nature of the work in order to maintain the daily life of citizens, while asking citizens to follow all instructions at different times.

from Jordan
from Jordan

The decision to close comes after the activation of the defense law in Jordan, to counter the Corona virus.

This comes as Lebanon entered the isolation procedures, as air and sea navigation stopped and the land borders were closed to confront Corona. The Lebanese airspace was closed with the last plane landing at Rafic Hariri International Airport at midnight on Wednesday, in implementation of the government’s decision to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

From Lebanon
From Lebanon

In Sudan, the authorities announced the opening of the Khartoum airport 48 hours to receive stranded citizens, and the decision will allow the departure of nationals of countries stranded in Sudan, and the return of Sudanese stranded abroad who will be subject to health procedures.

The opening of Khartoum International Airport will begin on Thursday, and will end on Saturday.

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Morocco announced that the coming days will be decisive in the face of the Corona virus, and called on citizens to stay in their homes and not go out except in the case of extreme necessity.

From Morocco
From Morocco

The Moroccan Minister of Health announced that Morocco has allocated 44 hospitals to receive cases infected with the Coronavirus, with 32 medical centers to provide specialized medical consultations.

On Wednesday night, Morocco announced the registration of 5 new confirmed cases, bringing the total confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Morocco to 54.

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