Corona Virus: A state of emergency declared in Washington state after the first American death


A Washington state ambulance team member wears a medical mask

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The United States has announced the first death from a new coronavirus in northwest Washington State.

Officials said the deceased was a man in his fifties who had health problems.

US President Donald Trump has indicated that more cases are “likely” but said the United States was prepared for any circumstances.

Officials said they were expanding travel restrictions on Iran, and they urged US citizens to avoid severely damaged parts in Italy and South Korea.

More than 85,000 cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in 57 countries around the world, and nearly 3,000 deaths, according to the World Health Organization. The vast majority of cases and deaths in China, where the virus appeared late last year.

What happens in the United States?

Local health officials confirmed on Saturday that the man had died in King’s County, Washington, in his fifties. They said that he had not traveled to any of the areas classified as very dangerous.

Trump’s statement earlier caused confusion, describing the patient as a “wonderful woman.”

Washington Governor Jay Inseley declared a state of emergency in response to new states in the state.

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A medical team is preparing to visit a person infected with the Corona virus in Seattle

This comes at a time when officials in the West Coast of the United States – in California, Oregon and Washington – have expressed concern about cases that appear in patients who have not visited any area where the spread has occurred and did not contact anyone who was in one of these areas.

On Saturday, Washington state officials said they were investigating a possible spread of the Coronavirus in a nursing home.

There are two conditions associated with the Long Life Care Center in Kirkland – one is a health care worker and the other is a guest in the 1970s, said Dr. Jeffrey Duchy, a health official in Seattle and King County of Washington.

Duchen said that about 27 inmates and 25 of the staff at the center suffer from “some symptoms”. Officials said more cases were expected to be discovered.

The World Health Organization says that 62 cases have been recorded in the United States so far.

A US citizen had previously died in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the virus first appeared.

What did Trump say, too?

While acknowledging that more cases are expected to be discovered, he has also sought to allay fears of an outbreak.

“From the early stages of the virus spreading abroad, my government has taken the most stringent measures in recent history to counter the spread of this disease,” he said.

“Our country is ready for any circumstance. There is absolutely no reason to panic,” he added.

He said healthy individuals would be “able to recover completely.”

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US President Donald Trump says there is “no reason to panic”

Vice President Mike Pence announced that the current travel ban on Iran has been extended to any foreign national who visited the country during the past 14 days.

Iran has recorded the largest number of deaths from the Corona virus outside China.

The US authorities also urged their citizens not to visit the virus hotspots in Italy and South Korea.

Pence said the United States is working with local officials to coordinate the screening of travelers arriving from these two countries.

France tightens restrictions

France announced earlier that it had banned all closed gatherings of more than 5,000 people, as part of efforts to contain the spread of the virus in the country.

The measures announced after an emergency cabinet meeting include the cancellation of the half marathon in Paris, which was scheduled for Sunday.

All public gatherings were banned in the north of Paris, the most affected area.

The total number of new cases of Coronavirus in France rose to 100 on Saturday. Two patients died.

“Our goal at this stage is to reduce the spread of the disease,” Health Minister Olivier Ferrand said after the cabinet meeting.

Among the events affected by the ban on large closed pools was also the annual Paris Agriculture Exhibition, whose last day, which was also scheduled for Sunday, was canceled.

The government has urged residents of the worst-affected areas to avoid “unnecessary travel” and “work from home if possible.”

What she Other developments?

  • South Korea, which has recorded the largest number of casualties outside China, mobilized the military on Saturday. Soldiers are clearing large parts of Daegu, the southeastern city that has been the epicenter of the Corona virus in the country.
  • In Italy, the most affected country in Europe with 650 cases and 17 deaths, five football matches in Serie A have been postponed. The matches were to be played behind closed doors, before the league organizers decided to cancel them on Saturday.
  • Iran announced on Saturday that the total number of injuries has reached 593 and that the number of people who have died is 43.
  • Qatar has announced its first injury after it was confirmed that a 36-year-old Qatari woman had been evacuated from Iran, according to government media.
  • Ecuador also confirmed the first infection with the virus on its soil.
  • Another 3 patients were found infected in England, bringing the total number of cases in the UK to 23.
  • Brazil confirmed the second infection with the new Coronavirus, with the infection of a man who had recently traveled to Italy.
  • Factory activity in China fell to a record low in February, as industrial companies halted operations to contain the spread of the disease. The US space science agency NASA said the economic slowdown caused by the spread of the virus was linked “at least in part” to the significant drop in the level of nitrogen dioxide in the skies over China.

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