Corona Virus .. The fact that Muhammad Hamaki, Adil Imam and the Kuwaiti artist entered the quarantine


A state of panic dominated the world because of the Corona virus, which invaded a large number of countries, and its victims claimed large numbers, and research is still ongoing on the discovery of a drug that eliminates this pandemic, and the matter has prolonged recently, the number of stars of art, which made the new virus «Corona» a headache in The head of these stars.

In the next report, Echo Al Balad monitors how the Corona virus has affected the life of art stars.

Mohammad Hamaki :

Rumors spread about the infection of the artist Mohamed Hamaki with the Corona virus, which caused a state of panic for the singer, especially after the rumors confirmed his detention in quarantine. Some sources close to Muhammad Hamaki revealed the fact that he was completely negated by rumors that Muhammad Hamaki was living his life normally and was unhurt.

The sources confirmed that Hamaki is taking preventive measures against the Corona virus.

AndMohamed Hamaki posted a video clip through his account on the social networking site Instagram, revealing the fact that he was infected with the Corona virus and entering the quarantine.

He said: I am fine and everything that is reported is not true at all while I am at home and do not have an analysis of the Corona virus.

He added: I hope that my fans guard against this dangerous virus, and we must reduce many gatherings so that we do not get infected.

Adel Imam infected with corona virus

And the leader, Adel Imam, spoke about rumors of infection with the Corona virus recently, after his son, director Rami Imam, came out and said that the leader suffers from a very cold role that obligated him to bed, and denied that he was suffering from Corona sarcastic, which caused confusion among some and echoed rumors about the leader of the comedy with the deadly virus What made the family deny and denounce several statements.

George Wassouf acted

The Lebanese journalist Nishan published a picture of the condolence of the mother of the artist George Wassouf, which was held on the evening of Saturday, February 29, and drew attention in the remarkable condolence he put “Wassouf”, in front of the portal of condolence written on it: “Sorry for the sake of everyone’s safety, please do not kiss, signature Corona.”

Jackie Chan

World star Jackie Chan revealed the fact that he was infected with the Corona virus and placed in quarantine, after being seen with an officer in Hong Kong.

Jackie Chan issued a statement explaining the whole truth, saying: “First, I would like to take the opportunity to say (thank you) to everyone who cares, I am in very good and safe health, and have not been subjected to quarantine.”

And Jackie Chan continued: “I have received many messages from friends asking if I am fine, your love and anxiety warms my chest, I have also received some very special gifts from lovers all over the world during this very difficult time, thanks for the gags, your thinking of me and I received, I have asked my staff to collect your donations and donate them through official organizations, to those who really need them. ”

The news agency quoted the news as saying that Jackie Chan was near the site where he was seen and where the infection spread.

Abdullah Bushehri

Kuwaiti media May Al-Aidan published a video clip of the Kuwaiti / Iranian artist, Abdullah Bushehri, in which he appears inside the quarantine in the State of Kuwait, after reports that he was infected with Corona virus, as the first Arab artist to be infected with this disease.

And Abdullah Bushehri appeared in the video, thanking everyone who asked about him during his absence, especially after the recent rumors that circulated about him, and was keen to respond to them successively in the video, indicating that the first rumor that made him publish a video via social media is a rumor that he was infected with a virus Sk.

Bushehri said, during the video, that he has undergone medical tests, has no symptoms of infection with Coronavirus, that he has completed medical examinations, and is absolutely certain that he does not have the deadly disease.

This comes after the news that was reported about Abdullah Bushehri entering Quarantine in Kuwait after returning from Iran, and the news indicated that the new Corona virus has spread to the artist’s body during the past days.


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