Dalia Mostafa reveals the truth about her divorce .. and her daughter’s secret crying .. video


The artist Dalia Mostafa expressed her dissatisfaction with the statements that were published about her separation from her husband, the artist Sharif Salama, saying that she was very angry because of the publication of a video of her husband while he was returning from work with actresses, and after his spread on the social media, the rumor of divorce came out.

Dalia Mostafa, during her hosting of the “With You” program presented by the media Mona El-Shazly, said that the video is very normal and has nothing, echoing: “Why is it better for people to sleep by saying I watched the video … I feel it is a video leaked to my husband and in the other he will see a video of him with Female classmates returning from work and singing.

In another context, she said that she posted on the social media a set of pictures and the admiration of her fans, noting that some confirmed that she is beautiful because the women when launched are getting more beautiful.

Dalia Mustafa revealed the secret of her crying because of her daughter Salma, saying: “I deal with her as a child, and I was surprised that she entered an application with her friends, and I was surprised by her speaking very boldly with her friends, and I told my husband Salma that she grew up today and broke down in tears.”


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