Daniel Craig’s Birthday .. Watch the James Bond movie with the Queen of England


Today is celebrated Monday The star Daniel Craig His 52nd birthday after he was famous for playing the championship of many distinguished works in Hollywood, the most prominent of which is definitely the role of James Bond, who was famous for having starred in several films about the famous character, to become better in numbers than playing the character throughout the ages and rise to the throne of the stars who played that character Famous.

Daniel Craig and James Bond
Daniel Craig and James Bond

Thanks to the revenue generated by these films, in addition to the admiration of a large segment of the public and the critical acclaim of what Daniel Craig offers every time he plays the title role during the parts of James Bond, which made him linked to the character of the secret agent in the minds of all his fans, which prompted director Danny Boyle The director of the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony, to exploiting the matter and directing a 6-minute film starring Daniel Craig and Queen Elizabeth II who agreed to the idea that surprised the whole world by appearing with James Bond, who is transporting it from the Royal Palace in England to a stadium The opening that was taken B everyone’s eyes during a fairy night.

It is the film whose director asserted that despite the madness of the idea, however, Queen Elizabeth immediately agreed once the idea was presented to her, and she did not hesitate to appear with Daniel Craig during this short film in a contribution and a desire to make the opening ceremony a success.

In a related context, the company that produced the James Bond movie a few days ago, released the movie’s song, and Billy Ilish was chosen for it in this version, as the number of views of the song so far on YouTube has reached more than 16 million views since its launch..

The new movie revolves around the life of James Bond who left active duty to enjoy a quiet life in Jamaica, but the calm of his life does not last long, as his old friend Felix Liter from the CIA comes to ask for help, and then it turns out that the mission of rescuing a kidnapped scientist was more treacherous than he was Predictably, Bond brought a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.


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