Death misses the Egyptian artist George their master


Death misses the Egyptian artist George their master


George Sidhom (1938-2020)

The prominent comedian and one of the leaders in the Egyptian comedy in the last century, George Sidhom, passed away at the age of 82 in a private hospital in Cairo, after a struggle with the disease.

The veteran comedian was famous for his famous phrase, which he lightly used in the Married Play with the star, Samir Ghanem, which later turned into a phrase used in Egyptian society “tea affection!” (Come drink tea).

The last appearance of their master was in one of the advertisements, with the participation of his life friend, Samir Ghanem, and the heroine of the play “Married” Sherine, where everyone appeared in the same costumes of the play, and in the same decor, which was prepared specifically to restore the general atmosphere of the play in the mind of the spectator after many years.

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The late artist was born in Gerga, Sohag in 1938, joined the Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, then met his colleagues, Samir Ghanem and the guest Ahmed, and created with them a trio of theater lights, which glowed in the last century, worked in theater and television, and participated in the championship of a large number of Movies and plays.

Then the “Married” play was a work that was a resounding success on the stage of the Egyptian theater, and was filmed for television and became constantly repeated on Egyptian and Arab TV during the holidays, making the late artist one of the most famous comedian artists in Egypt and the Arab world.

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