Death surprised artist Khaled El-Bakkouri at the Tangier Film Festival


05/03/2020 – Jawad Al-Kebbouri On the watch 13:03


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Moroccan actor Khaled El-Bakoury uttered his last breath, in the early hours of Thursday, 5 March, after suffering a heart attack in a hotel in Tangier, while attending the activities of the 21st session of the National Film Festival in Tangier.

According to some sources, the late actor passed away this morning in Tangier, as he was among the guests of the National Film Festival in Tangier, but a severe heart attack caused his death in a sudden manner, as his departure left a great sadness in the artistic community.

Al-Shoubi mourned his friend, the late actor, through a post he posted on his personal account on Facebook, where he wrote: “This morning, the friendly, fun friend, Khaled al-Bakuri, the beautiful human being, left with us all of the word. As we noticed and complied and gone, but God willed. ”

Khaled El-Bakoury participated in many Moroccan cinematographic and television works, similar to his roles in the series “Dar Al-Damana”, “Walaa Alik” and the movie “A Lover from the Countryside”.


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