Despite Corona … suspicious trips between Turkey, Misurata and Tripoli


Source: Arabic.Net – Monia Ghanmi

A military official at the General Command reported To the Libyan army, It was noted that the movement of two air flights between Istanbul Turkish Airport and the airports of the city of Misurata and Maitika in the capital Tripoli during the last 48 hours, despite the suspension of all flights and the suspension of flights between the two countries, in the framework of measures to prevent the spread of the “Corona” virus.

Ghaith Asbaq, director of the Libyan Army’s monitoring and follow-up apparatus, told and on Sunday night that a civilian plane belonging to Libyan Airlines took off Friday from Tripoli airport towards Istanbul airport before returning on Saturday after transporting its cargo, and Sunday left Another plane, the city of Misurata, headed towards Istanbul, then returned to it, on unregistered and unannounced trips and its unknown cargo, likely to transport weapons, military equipment and drones, andSyrian mercenaries, Coincided with the escalation of military confrontations these days between the army forces and armed militias of the Al-Wefaq forces in the Libyan West, and after the human and logistical losses caused to the militias.

The air line is open despite corona

He also pointed out that the air line between the Libyan West and Turkey is still open and active, despite an increase in the number of Corona virus infections in Libya to 8, including 5 in the city of Misurata and some of them coming from Turkey, which raised the Libyans’ concerns about the repercussions of the entry of Syrian mercenaries into Libya on Public Health.

It is reported that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has repeatedly announced the transfer of Syrian fighters through Turkey to Tripoli. And last week, it increased the number of recruits who arrived in the Libyan capital to about 4,750 mercenaries.

The Libyan army had managed a few days ago to capture a Syrian fighter, who said that he had moved from Worea to Turkey and then to Tripoli to fight.

Last Thursday, Libyan army spokesman Ahmed Al-Mismari confirmed that Ankara was transporting mercenaries to Libya, as well as transporting weapons by air from several airports, and by sea to support armed militias, in clear violation of the Geneva talks and the Berlin conference, which obliged the participating countries not to interfere in the Libyan conflict, and not to Arm any of the parties.

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