Despite her dismissal, the lawyer of a murdered villa, Nancy Ajram, interferes with his shirt


Lawyer Rehab Bitar continues to announce her positions regarding the issue of the murder of the Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram’s villa. And she made her latest remarks through her accounts on “Facebook” and “Twitter”, where she wrote: “The shirt of Mohamed Al-Mousa is the one who will settle important matters in the case.

This caused a sensation among her followers, especially since it came after the youth’s father announced in a recent video that the family had removed the lawyer.

He pointed out that this decision was taken due to the necessities of the lawsuit, declaring that Bitar had been informed of this and thanking the media workers and all the people who followed the case.

It is reported that the latter sparked a wave of controversy prior to this, due to leaks and tweets that it published on the issue. In some of them, it announced that Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, the husband of the Lebanese artist and the main suspect, left Lebanon, in violation of this travel ban.

On this, Nancy indirectly responded by publishing a photo she and her family members gathered and took during the celebration of her mother’s birthday.


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