Despite his successive crises, Mohamed Ramadan continues to raise his followers via “Instagram” .. Watch


Artist Mohamed Ramadan published a new video of him, through his personal account, on the social networking site “Instagram”. Muhammad Ramadan appeared in the video, showing his new car among a number of his fans to take selfies, commenting: “Trust in God is a success”.

The artist continues Mohamed Ramadan The list of the most popular list on “YouTube” is released with the clip of the song “You are Jadaa”, 3 days after its launch, when it ranked fifth.

This song is the first after the recent Muhammad Ramadan crises with the separated pilot, the artist Bassem Samra, the Prince Restaurant and the Captain of Musicians Hani Shaker.

And the song’s lyrics say: “You are gid, oh gid, my love is to be a principle … my success is to be sincere … you are Lea and I am Lecco … so let’s start … dance me with it Tango … add me a mango shop. “


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