Details of the first approved treatment for the Corona virus


The US Medicines Administration has approved the first treatment in the United States for the emerging coronavirus, which has infected many people around the world, and that medication is to use the plasma of those recovering from the emerging virus as Covid 19.

This medicine is extracted from a component of the blood of the recovering people, which is 55% of the blood content and is a yellow liquid isolated from the blood bearing salts and enzymes, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

The report added that China had started using this method to treat its patients last month, and New York Governor Andrew Como announced that the plasma will be tested to treat coronavirus patients in the United States, which is the anti-viral blood plasma formed by the immune systems of infection fighters.

This drug is considered the best for coronavirus patients currently infected as scientists around the world try to develop a specific and new treatment, and the FDA is reported in the British newspaper report that due to the public health emergency caused by the outbreak of the emerging corona virus, the US Food Administration is using it The medicine for those infected as a drug approved against the Corona virus.
The first appearance of this drug

China and other countries have had clinical trials, and so Chinese doctors have tried to use the first COVID-19 treatment using what history books call “convalescence serum”, known today as the plasma donated by the emerging coronavirus.Accordingly, many US hospitals awaiting permission from the Food and Drug Administration will now be able to start major studies on this as a potential treatment for patients, as well as as temporary vaccine-like protection for people at high risk.

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