Details of the investigations with the accused of mocking citizens of “TicTwo.”


09:55 PM

Saturday 21 March 2020

Books – Tariq Samir:

The Attorney General, Hamada Al-Sawy, ordered the detention of 4 accused, 4 days, pending investigations, accusing them of harming others, infringing on family principles and values ​​in Egyptian society, violating the sanctity of private life, and publishing video clips through the information network that violate the privacy of people without their consent, and driving them motorized bikes Without a license in a risky manner.

And on Friday, video clips – posted on social media – were monitored that included the passage of four people, each of them riding a motorized bike, blocking pedestrians, throwing them to the ground during their walk, and determining their identity; the Public Prosecution issued a decision to arrest and bring them.

Investigations in case No. 3568 misdemeanor misdemeanor included the question of a passer-by, who testified that one of the defendants had obstructed him when he was sitting behind a motorcyclist, and when he had thrown him to the ground, he saw another defendant at the side of the road photographing the incident on his mobile phone, then he saw the spread of that video Similar clips on social media; the incident was reported, and the accused was identified by the investigations during the investigations.

The four defendants have confessed to committing similar facts and have published some of the clips circulated through the social networking application called “Tik Tok” in pursuit of fame.

The Public Prosecution calls upon the parents to instill in their children the values ​​of respecting the elder and caring for the young, knowing that ridicule and harming others is a matter of punishment and contempt, not of fun, publication and pride.

It also calls on parents to direct their children to use the various social media, and teach them how to benefit from its good and avoid its evils; make it a tool of benefit and knowledge, and not a tool of harm and humor. The Public Prosecution affirms that it violates – according to the correctness of the law – each infringer of those values ​​and principles embedded in Egypt’s ancient society.

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