Diary of a player in the home stone .. the basket giant: sitting at home with the help of Madame


After the Council of Ministers announced the suspension of sports activity for 15 days and the closure of clubs, youth centers and sports organizations, as well as a curfew from seven in the evening until six in the morning, any athlete finds a large free time during his presence at home, so he is keen to use him in various ways, each according to his desire and thinking.

“The seventh day” is keen to communicate with the sports stars to know how to take advantage of the period of suspended activity and what they do while they are at home.

Today’s star is Hamad Fathi, the basketball team of the Communications Club .

Hamad Fathi, the basketball team of the Communications Club, confirmed that Activity downtime with curfew I fell bored, while staying at home and not going out, saying, “And God is sitting at home and needing boredom.”.

The basket giant added that if it is necessary to go out and meet the requirements of the house, and when he comes back he does not meet anyone from the house, and rushes to take a hot bath and change his clothes, so as not to expose his family’s life to any risk .

The player revealed that his mother resides with him in the same apartment, so there is less anxiety, and therefore he reassures her at all times, and as for his wife, he helps her with housework .

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, announced in a press conference a number of important decisions regarding confronting the spread of the Coruna virus.

The decisions came with the suspension of work in traffic and real estate offices for two weeks with the exception of health offices, extending the suspension of studies in schools and universities for two weeks, while continuing to reduce the size of workers, stopping all public and private mass transportation for two weeks, closing all commercial and craft shops from five in the evening until six Morning in front of the public and fully closed on Friday and Saturday.


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