Discover a new method of transmission of the Coronavirus infection .. Get to know it


Japanese scientists have discovered a third method by which the coronavirus is transmitted between humans, which may help reduce the spread of the virus in the coming weeks.
According to the Japanese news agency NHK, until now there were two known methods of transmission of the virus, the first is infection by contact with something or surface the virus is on it, or through drops that leave the person during sneezing and coughing, but scientists say now that there is a possible third way to infection, That could explain the unusually rapid spread of Corona around the world.
According to Kazuhiro Tatida, president of the Japan Infectious Diseases Society, micrometer particles can transmit the Coruna virus when people are close to each other.
Scientists previously believed that the virus spread when coughing or sneezing drops move into the air. But if the third method of transmission is minute drops, according to the theory of Japanese scientists, micrometer particles can spread even when people speak or are close to each other. Experts are studying this new infection mechanism as a way to prevent further spread of the virus. Transition seems to happen during conversations or even when people stand at a certain distance. These conditions cannot be explained by a normal sneezing and coughing infection.
Earlier reports had indicated that N 95 masks could not prevent corona particles from entering the human body. If the corona particles are micrometer, then this means more difficulty in stopping the infection.
The CCN report indicates that defining a new method of transmission of the Coronavirus can help slow the spread of Covid 19, but it also confirms the worst fears, namely that large-scale self-quarantine may be the most efficient strategy to stop the epidemic.

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