Does smoking increase the risk of infection with corona virus? A new Chinese study cuts doubt with certainty


According to a new study, published Wednesday, smokers face a greater risk of developing complications from the emerging corona virus.

Chinese academics found that a quarter of the infected patients who needed intensive care or died from a corona infection were smokers..

The European Health Organization previously confirmed that smoking can make people more vulnerable to serious complications from coronavirus infection.

But experts said that the data provided by the research that dealt with the relationship between smoking and the Corona virus is mostly based on assumptions, and called for more research to clarify the risk of smoking for people with the emerging corona.

Therefore, researchers supported by the Chinese National Health Commission conducted a study of more than 1,000 patients diagnosed with coronavirus.

They found that 25.5 percent of patients who needed mechanical ventilation, were hospitalized, or died, were smokers.

Also, respiratory doctors at the Central Hospital in Wuhan performed a similar study for 78 patients with Covid-19 virus., They found that addicted to tobacco are “14 times more likely to develop.” COVID-19“.

For its part, the World Health Organization explained the increasing number of corona deaths in China to the fact that 300 million people in China smoke, which is approximately one fifth of the country’s total population and one third of the world’s total population.

Professor Taylor Hayes of the Mayo ClinicMayo Clinic) In Rochester, Minnesota, he said, “According to reports from China,” smokers appear to represent a large proportion of people who suffer from Corona Virus“.

Then he added, “We know that the inhalation of combustible tobacco increases the risk of respiratory viruses in general and I do not think that corona deviates from the norm.”


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