Does the Corona virus die on rooftops? .. Know the details


The Corona virus is still expanding and spreading among humans greatly, and despite tests and experiments that have taken place about how long the virus remains alive on the surfaces, scientists have not reached a precise time about its survival on the surfaces amid a state of ambiguity about its ability to survive in exceptional circumstances.

In China, the central bank was forced to clean the currency and even get rid of it for fear of the transmission of the Corona virus through it. Determine whether the virus can last longer, according to a video presented by “Al Arabia”.

On the other hand, the World Health Organization said that the Corona virus does not live long, on paper surfaces or in postal parcels, and while a new study said that the Corona virus dies at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, and that alcoholic antiseptics are able to kill it, all of this did not prevent scientists from knocking The alarm and warning about the time the virus stays alive on rooftops.

Scientists have advised the necessity of a lot of washing hands and cleaning them with alcoholic antiseptics, and avoid touching the face and hands as the virus lives on the hands only 10 minutes and its activity is paralyzed by alcoholic detergents.

On Sunday, health authorities in the Chinese mainland announced 44 new confirmed cases of coronavirus by the end of Saturday, down from 99 cases recorded on Friday, bringing the total confirmed cases of coronavirus in China to 80,695 by the end of Saturday..

The authorities announced 27 new deaths in Corona on Saturday, retreating from 28 deaths on Friday, and all new deaths occurred in Hubei province, the epicenter of the virus outbreak, and the total number of deaths reached 3097 cases.


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