Dust storm, rain and high temperature … Weather forecast 48


11:48 am

Monday 30 March 2020

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

Dr. Mahmoud Shaheen, Director of Weather Forecasting Department at the Meteorological Authority, said that today, Monday, the weather for the next 48 hours will see a gradual rise in temperatures in most parts and governorates of the Republic, and they will be about 5 degrees above the normal rate.

Shaheen added, “Masrawy” today, Monday, starting from today, the periods of sunshine increase with the presence of an activity of the western winds, which increases the temperature of the air, which is exciting for sand and dust, especially on open areas.

He pointed out that the high temperatures will also be during the night periods in most of the governorates of the Republic, pointing out that these weather fluctuations are fast, sharp and expected to occur during the spring.

He stressed that the temperatures recorded on Cairo today, Monday, 29 degrees, while on the northern coasts 25 degrees, and north and south of Upper Egypt range between 30 and 31 degrees.

He continued: wind activity today will cause a dust storm on the Western Desert, Salloum, Matrouh and Alexandria, with wind speeds to subside from Tuesday.

He stressed that rain is expected tomorrow, Tuesday, on the northern coasts, which will be light and not affecting daily and road traffic.

He explained that on Wednesday he will witness a decrease in temperature, to return to rise again starting from Thursday, calling on citizens to follow the weather forecast on a daily basis, because of the difference in weather conditions every 24 hours.

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