Echo Country: Sun Downs coach after leaving the Champions League: We cannot compete with Al Ahly


Pitsu Musimani, coach of the South African Sun Downs club, expressed his sadness to bid farewell to his team the African Champions League, at the expense of Al-Ahly.Musimani said in the press conference after the match: “We cannot compete with Al-Ahly, they have Ramadan Sobhi from the English Premier League and Alio Badji who came to them from Rapid Vienna for 2 million euros, their marketing value is high and this difference between us and Al-Ahly, we cannot match them, Zamalek also rose with Al-Ahly because they are two strong teams, Zamalek also has strong players such as Onajim, so he won the Egyptian and African Super.

Al-Ahly goalkeeper Mohamed Al-Shenawi lost his time in the match, Musaimani said: “I cannot change the world. I will not comment on the way El-Shennawi has repeatedly fallen. This is a style of play and I cannot change it.”

It is reported that the first football team of Al-Ahly Club qualified for the semi-finals of the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly tied 1-1 with Sun Downs of South Africa at Lucas Moribi’s stadium, and qualified for the golden box of the African Champions, with a total of two results for the first-leg matches 3-1.

Al-Ahly faces the qualifiers from the Moroccan match Wydad and the Tunisian coastal club, scheduled for Saturday evening.


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