Egyptian physician recovering from “Corona” tells his experience with the disease (video)


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Saudi Arabias Al-Arabiya channel showed a video of an Egyptian doctor recovering from the emerging corona virus, “Covid 19”.

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abdullah, a doctor at Sadr Damietta Hospital, said that he had been released yesterday from quarantine after recovering from the virus.

He added that while passing through the hospitalized cases, he found a case of suspicion, stressing that after confirming the presence of positive cases with the virus, the medical staff was fully examined, and he discovered his infection, and then he went to Ismailia Hospital to be quarantined.

He stressed that the hospital put him under examination over the course of 4 days, after which a sample was taken from him and it came negative, and after another 48 hours had passed, another sample was taken for him and proved negative, and the hospital issued a decision to leave him quarantined.

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