Ekrami: Electrified “there was no burned on Al-Ahly” in the super events … it’s personal


Mahmoud Bahi

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Tuesday 24 March 2020 – 2:48 AM
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Tuesday 24 March 2020 – 2:48 AM

Al-Ahly goalkeeper Sharif Ekrami explained the behavior of his colleague Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba during the events of the Super Game by trying to clash with Abdullah Juma after the latter recorded the penalty shootout that declared Zamalek the champion of the competition.

“I spoke to Kahraba and felt that he was angry with me after the match. I have a relationship with him. I explained to him the situation in the club when he joined the team, and I stressed to him the need to pay attention to focus with him,” Ekrami said during his hosting on OnTime Sports channel.

The veteran goalkeeper added, “What happened has nothing to do with the player Al-Ahly but rather a personal nature, it is possible that we have a player and imagine that he is a son of the club, but he is a son of a disability and a personality that does not fit the club, and has nothing to do with the electricity coming from abroad, he is one of the starters of Al-Ahly.” .

“It is possible to explain why he ran electrification in this way, because he is a special case and newly transferred from Zamalek to Al-Ahly and he had many words and statements, participated in the match and had a desire for a bigger role and was subjected to provocations.”

He continued, “It was said after the match why he does that despite not completing a quarter of an hour in Al-Ahly, it is possible that he was angry at the loss, but there is a personal matter that pushed him to run behind Abdullah Juma, this is my feeling, I do not think he was burned on Al-Ahly .. Certainly There is a personal matter. ”

Sharif Ekrami touched on the riots after the super game, saying, “Whoever says that we did not control, the big player will not hold a chain and a collar to move the players, our role is to direct and talk before the game about paying attention to our reactions, whether a hero or lost, the title does not increase or decrease from you because you are a player in Al-Ahly, you must remain as big at a loss as you are humble when you win, and you are a loser raising your head, and you know your size well. ”

And he added, “What happened was a disaster and it got out of control. Is this a scene? And everyone saw what happened. I will not add anything, nor will I name anyone specific. Indeed, some players of both teams blamed without mentioning names. It was not acceptable that a small player distinguished him from a major player 10 years and we find this the view”.

In the conclusion of his statements, he affirmed, “I did not enter into an argument with Abdullah Jumah, I did not talk to him, and I did not see him, and in the events that witness a hit and run, but rather I try to assemble my team, and I do not like to be involved in it, the best self-respect.”


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