El-Hadary to “Ashour and Ekramy”: This is football “capricious”


Issam El-Hadary, the former goalkeeper of the Egyptian team, sent a message to Al-Ahly goalkeeper Sharif Ikrami and Red Team captain Hossam Ashour, after the Red Castle announced its approval of Ikrami’s desire to end his career with the team, and refused to renew Ashour.

Essam Al-Hadary wrote on his personal account on the website “Twitter”: ” My friend Sharif Ekrami still has years in front of you to goalkeeping, you are one of the best guards that I dealt with during my career … I wish you success in any place you choose, you are a gain and a leader on the field “.

Concerning Ashour El-Hadary commented: “My friend and my little brother Hossam Ashour: This is football (volatile), it does not always give but comes sometimes to those who made part of its history, and you have the lesson in many proverbs, but I know that you are now unstable because it is It happened what you did not expect and not realize it, but you must make the right decision, son of 34 years. ”

Essam ElHadary
Essam ElHadary

Al-Ahly captain Hossam Ashour expressed his amazement at Al-Ahly’s position with him regarding the renewal of his contract, explaining that he did not imagine that the club would deal with him in this way after the officials of the Red Castle informed him of their refusal to continue with the team.

Confirmed Hossam Ashour In special statements, he informed the officials of the Red Castle that he will not currently retire and be able to stay for two coming seasons at the very least, rejecting the idea of ​​forcing him to retire at the present time because he is still able to give, and Ashour explained that he will discuss his fate during the coming period and will determine his future according to the offers he receives Commenting on this matter, he said: There is everything about playing for any club.

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