El-Shennawy: I moved to Pyramids for 55 million pounds, “Sassi and Gross”


Ebrahim Saeed

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Saturday 21st March 2020 – 1:42 am
| Last updated :
Saturday 21 March 2020 – 1:51 AM

Ahmed El-Shinnawy, the Pyramids goalkeeper and the national team, announced the value of his transfer from Zamalek to Pyramids, indicating that he was receiving the highest salary of a footballer with Al-Ubaid before leaving.

“My move to Pyramids was approximately 55 million pounds, in addition to bearing the costs of including Ferjani Sassi to the White Castle and his salary, in addition to the salary of Gros, the coach of the team, for a season and a half,” Al-Shennawi said, in television statements, on “On Time Sport” channel. .

He explained: “Before my departure from Zamalek, I was the most valuable player in Egypt. The financial return is not a reason for my departure from Zamalek, but I felt that I was not desirable from me inside Al-Abyad.”

And revealed: “I was injured after a contractual renewal with Zamalek for 5 years, and the Football Association is the one who bears the costs of my treatment after my injury with Zamalek, although the injury was with Al-Abyad.”

He continued: “The period of my injury prompted the Zamalek administration to contract with Imad El Sayed, and I felt then that it was not desirable.”

And he added: “During my injury, an offer came to me from the Pyramids Club, and the financial compensation was great. The penalty clause before the renewal was one and a half million euros, and after the renewal it was removed, and Zamalek had the right to sell me whatever price it wanted.”

He concluded: “If I did not feel comfortable in Zamalek during the first loan period in 2012, why did I return again after my return to Egypt and complained with him for a season and witnessed the brilliance, Zamalek is a great club and achieved all the championships with him except for the African Championship, and I reached the final.”


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