Elisa on Hassan Diab’s announcement of the suspension of the debt repayment: Congratulations to Lebanon for declaring it a failed state


Lebanese actress Elissa attacked the Lebanese government, against the backdrop of an announcement Hassan Diab The Prime Minister of Lebanon, suspended the payment of Lebanon’s debts, saying: “Congratulations to Lebanon for declaring it a failed state.”

Elsa said in a tweet through her official account on Twitter: “Heidi is the result of 30 years of corruption and theft and we go back to electing the same people everything that fears us with sectarianism and hunger. In two centuries, what a sad country?

Actress Elisa
Actress Elisa

The Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, said that his country faces a large maturity of about $ 4.6 billion in Eurobonds, and their interest in 2020, and is due for the first installment on March 9, two days later.

He explained, during a press conference, that his country’s reserves of difficult commissions had reached a critical and dangerous level, which forces them to suspend and not pay Eurobond benefits on March 9, because these funds should be used to secure the basic needs of the Lebanese people.

He continued: “How can we pay the creditors and there are people on the roads who do not have the money to buy a loaf of bread, we respect our obligations, but the state is now unable to pay its outstanding debts.”

He also announced debt rescheduling, and continued: “Our hard currency reserves have reached the level of risk, and we will prepare a plan to restructure the banking sector, and we pledge to stand in the face of tax evasion, protect the poorest classes, and fight corruption.”


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