Engin Akyurek flirt with Penslihan Atagul and her husband jealous?


Turkish star Engin Akyurek said that working with Neslihan Atagul in the series (Daughter of the Ambassador) made him feel enjoyable, describing her as the kind of female who is difficult for any man not to love.

He continued: (She is charming and knows how to make the actor in front of her move and interact, very diligent and do not read the text much but rather memorize it quickly).

He added: (I felt for a moment that she loved me because of her professionalism, she was entering and leaving the character in moments, I love working with good talents that do not intrude on the profession).

Journalist Omar Ozlan mocked him and informed him that her husband, Kadirooglu, is very jealous and added: (Beware of Kadir, because he is very jealous).

(The Ambassador’s Daughter) claimed the second highest viewership in Turkey after the series (Founder Othman) by Burak Ozgevit.


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