Exclusion of materials outside the total .. Minister of Education: amending the schedules of “secondary and preparatory” exams


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One of the parents of high school students, Dr. Tariq Shawky, the Minister of Education and Technical Education, has appealed to amend the schedules of high school exams, middle school diplomas, and other certificates so that they do not include materials that are not added to the group, in order to facilitate students in the exceptional circumstances that Egypt lives in this year Because of the new corona virus and the suspension of the study.

For his part, Minister of Education Dr. Tariq Shawky responded to the guardian’s appeal to the social networking site Facebook, saying: “We did this, my regret.”

“Shawky” received complaints from high school students and their parents in light of the circumstances of disrupting the study in schools and the closing of private lessons centers, which read: “We are a high school general, there is no school, no private lessons, what do we do?”

The Minister of Education replied, “We agreed with the National Media Authority to prepare lessons under the Ministry’s supervision of high school, and these lessons will be presented in high quality on educational channels at the earliest opportunity.”

The same service will also be provided to undergraduate and transfer year students, he added.

“Shawky” appealed to all school students in Egypt, the necessity of relying in these current conditions that Egypt is going through on electronic self-learning through the platforms announced by the ministry as well as following up on educational channels.

The Minister of Education responds to the amendment of the high school schedule

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