Families of deceased students with grain yields in the east tell the details – governorates


The three Gramos students passed away, and the events of their death continued to cause sadness in the hearts of their relatives, and questions remained how and why they took toxic grain pills, where the parents insist that the girls took the toxic tablets after one of their colleagues convinced them to take them to increase their weight, rejecting the idea of ​​committing suicide intentionally or wastingly.

Iman’s father tells the last minute details

Inside a house on a side street in Toukh Al Qarmous village, which belongs to the Abu Kabir Center, Muhammad Abdullah Abdel Hamid, an expert teacher, sat on a chair at the entrance to the hall holding the image of his daughter “Iman”, a junior high student, gently embracing her, sensing her features, and depicting her live image in the fog of his imagination to reach a soft smile, as if Pictures of her life appeared to him, he remembers moments of fun, laughs and dances for him in the morning, and the features of his face quickly changed and sadness covered him to overlap scenes that passed in front of him as a short film tape that ended with feelings of sadness and death.

“Iman was the light of my eyes, the dawn of the family, and her death was a shock to the family and all the people.” With those words, the fiftieth man began his conversation with us and continued, saying: “Iman was a preservative of the Holy Qur’an, distinguished scholarship, and eager to perform the prayer in its time.”

He denied reports that his daughter committed suicide by her will, stressing that there is no reason for her to do so, and “we have not felt any change in her psychological state and the smile never left her face,” noting that she was living a normal life in a family that looked after her and cared for all the affairs of her life and provides It has all the amenities.

The victim’s father, “Iman,” narrated the details of the last moments in his daughter’s life, saying: “My daughter woke up early as usual to pass her lessons, and I went to one of the special lessons groups, and after the class session ended, she went home and we had lunch together, where she participated in preparing it and was fun as usual. Then, I left and went to a group that studied another substance, to return, and she started to show symptoms of poisoning that led to her death.

He continued: “I was surprised by her sister telling me that she suffers from a state of fatigue and vomiting and took her to a doctor, and he told me that she was suffering from stomach pain and prescribed some medications to her, and when we came back home she was surprised by our neighbor telling me that his daughter, Sint, a friend of Iman, had died after suffering the same symptoms.”

“She accompanied my daughter and went to Abu Kabir Central Hospital, and on the way she told me that she had taken a quarter of the grain keeping the grain with her friend who had died and another showing that she was suffering from the same symptoms,” adding that she told him that a colleague persuaded them to take part of the grain to help them increase their weight. Pointing out that she was transferred to the Zagazig University Hospital, then she died.

The bereaved father added that he had 4 daughters who were not deceased, 3 of whom were married after obtaining university degrees, and another in the third secondary school.

He concluded his speech by saying: “My daughters are the ones I came up with from the world and may our Lord persevere in separating faith.”

Hajar, the sister of the deceased, picked up the conversation, saying that her sister did not suffer from any psychological crises and was always talking about the future and her ambition to complete her university studies, adding that their mother treats them as their friend.

Shahindas mother: She was preparing to attend her uncle’s engagement

In the same context, Rasha al-Shabrawi Ahmed, the mother of the deceased “Shahanda”, confirmed that her daughter was preparing to attend her uncle’s engagement party, the day before her death, as she had bought new clothes for 650 pounds, but she died on the day that she was to be Engagement turns joy into sorrows.

She continued: “Shahanda is the oldest daughter of me and she has 3 younger siblings than her, and she was closely related to the family.” And she added: “My daughter cannot commit suicide, she has not exceeded 15 years, so where are the troubles of life that may motivate her for that, especially since her father was keen to meet all Her needs before ordering her. ”

She added that as soon as the symptoms of poisoning appeared on her daughter, she went to a doctor and asked her to perform tests and bring medicines, and while she was at the pharmacy, the pharmacist told her that she should be transferred to the hospital indicating that there were two other cases, which were suffering from the same symptoms, adding that she had transferred her daughter to Abu Kabir Hospital From there to Zagazig University, until her last breath inside the hospital.

The mother confirmed that her daughter told them that she had taken part of the grain after one of her colleagues brought him, noting that it helps to gain weight, and pointed out that her daughter’s last words to her father “forgive me, Daddy, I did not mean I did not know that I was not upset with Mama or my companions.”

Basant’s father: My daughter was the first victim

“Injections, Yaba, I do not want to die,” the words echoed by the victim, “Bint Ihab Mahmoud Mohamed,” before she entered into a coma and her heartbeat stopped to announce her departure from life, but the words still echo on her father’s hearts, even though her body saw him rich.

The father says that his daughter was the first victim of the grain of yield, then her friend Iman and then Shahanda, denying the idea of ​​a suicide on the mind of his daughter, pointing out that she was telling her mother that she was going to her home and asked her to prepare the food that she liked, and she also exchanged talks with him about preparing for a trip organized Al-Ahly Academy in Abu Kabir, was scheduled to be the Friday after the accident.

Basant’s father indicated that he had received a phone call from one of the women telling him that his daughter was exposed to vomiting and vomiting during her return from one of the private lessons groups, pointing out that he immediately went to the place and transferred his daughter to Abu Kabir Central Hospital, and on the way she repeated phrases “not Amout al-Haqqani Yababa wanted him, “continuing,” but as soon as he got to the hospital the doctor told him that she had died. ”

He pointed out that despite the separation from his wife, their relationship is good and his daughter and siblings establish a period with him and another period with their mother, and they are all bonded with a solid relationship of love and friendliness, adding that his daughter was keen on praying and fasting naafil, as she memorized the Holy Quran.

Major General Atef Mahran, Director of Eastern Security, received a notification that Abu Kabir Police Station received a notification that Zagazig University Hospital received Basant Im, 14, a student in the second year of middle school, and Iman MA, 15, a student, in the class. The third preparatory, and “Shahinda M.”, 15 years old, a student in the third preparatory class, residing in the village of Toukh Al Qarmous with fatigue cases after consuming the grain, and later the first died and after several hours the second died, while the third remained receiving hospital treatment until she breathed The last inside Zagazig University Hospital.

A police force moved to conduct the necessary examinations and investigations, and it was found that there was a friendship between the three girls and that they agreed with them to take the grain pills, as I brought them with the intention of committing suicide because they were experiencing a bad psychological crisis due to family disintegration.

A report of the incident was released, and the prosecution that took over the investigation was notified and decided to retrieve the students ’parents parents and listen to their statements. The merchant, the grain grain seller, was arrested and the prosecution decided to release him.












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