Faraj Amer: Al-Ahly player deserves professionalism in Barcelona .. Abu Jebel was the fourth goalkeeper in Smouha


Faraj Amer, president of Smouha Club, stressed his respect for the decisions of the mouse, stressing that the clubs are the ones who demanded its implementation, and it includes a human element, and everyone accepts this.

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Faraj Amer said in televised comments to the “An-Nahar” satellite channel through the “Number One” program: “I was hoping that the referee would resort to the mouse’s technology in the last ball of the match.”

He added: “We respected our agreement with Al-Ahly regarding the non-involvement of the 4 players loaned from him in front of him, and there was an obstruction for Mohamed Nadi deserving of a penalty and no one watched it.”

And he added: “We will not spend proficiency rewards for players, and is committed to the team’s regulations, and Al-Ahly is a global team that has nothing to do with the Egyptian level.”

He continued: “We did not receive offers for the departure of Hossam Hassan, and Muhammad Abu Jabal was the fourth goalkeeper in Smouha and is currently the best goalkeeper in Egypt alongside Mohamed El-Shennawy.”

He continued: “I hope that Alo Diang will join Al-Ahly player for Smouha, and I think that he will not stay for a long time in the red and he will go out to professional early and be able to play in Barcelona.”

He added: “I hope to sign a contract with Nasser Maher and Salah Mohsen once and for all from Al-Ahly, the red is full of stars and players have a very great talent.”

He concluded: “Congratulations to Yasser Ibrahim for joining the Egyptian team, as he is my son and I wish him success always.”


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