“Fear of disease increases” … An important message from Magdy Yaacoub to the Egyptians regarding K.


03:17 am

Thursday 26 March 2020

Books – Ahmed Jumaa:

Dr. Majdi Yaqoub, a global heart surgeon, asked citizens to adhere to their homes and listen to government directions and advice from the World Health Organization to prevent the emergence of the emerging coronavirus.

Yaqoub said in a video published by the Majdi Yaqoub Heart Disease Foundation on Thursday: “Very, very afraid that the disease increases like what happened in other countries, and if that happens, there will be many deaths, and we will lose individuals from our companions, mothers and children, and I have a very sad need if it occurs.”

He added: “Because of this, we must work with some of my friends now. We must listen to the advice of the Egyptian government and the World Health Organization and stay away from unreliable sources of news. I ask you to sit at home, and this is very important in facing the disease and to prevent its spread, and it will be easier for doctors and doctors to treat patients.” Countries”.

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