Feiler threatens to refer Hussein Al-Shahat to the bench because of “Social Media”


Al-Ahly coach Rene Fyler warned Hussein Al-Shahat, the team player, not to worry about “social media” during the current period, after it became clear that the player is very busy on social media, which reflected negatively on his performance and focus with the team during the last period and his level decreased remarkably.

Al-Shahat participated mainly with Al-Ahly for some time, but he did not provide the desired level with the team, which caused the coach of the team to ask the player to focus on the field and not to be preoccupied with any other things that reduce his level and focus with the team.

Hussein Al-Shahat was attacked by some of the fans of the team because he did not appear well in the previous games, specifically the South Downs meeting in South Africa last Saturday at the last stadium in the second leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals, which ended in a draw for one like him and Al-Ahly qualified for the semi-final of the tournament after he won the first leg Cairo with a clean duo.

Some attacked Al-Shahat because of his wasting many opportunities in the Sun Downs match in particular, and many demanded him to focus on the stadium in order to be influential with the team, especially since the club contracted him with a very large amount in January before last, where Al-Ahly paid $ 5 million to Al Ain club Emirates to contract him.

The lack of focus that Al-Shahat suffers from caused his demand that Fyler move away from the Social Media because it is one of the most important reasons for his decline and stressed to him the need to focus on the stadium only so that he does not lose his place with the team.


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