FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly coach: Fyler does not need Saleh Juma and the player has offers .. We watch Azzaro


Al-Ahly coach Sami Qarnat asserted that the chances of Saleh Jumaa, the team player, seem impossible under the leadership of Swiss Rene Fyler.

Asked about Saleh Jumah’s chances during the coming period, Al-Ahly coach replied, “Saleh is a distinguished player, but Fyler does not need him, and the player has offers from Finland and Portugal, and we wish him well.”

“We are following Walid Azzaro while loaning to the Saudi agreement, the Football Committee and the club management are fully confident in his capabilities, otherwise we decided to sell him, and we hope he will return better,” he added.

“Allieu Badji is a good striker, and Weiler knows his potential completely, but he needs time to adjust to and harmonize with the atmosphere and his team mates,” he pointed out on his club channel.

The Al-Ahly coach touched on the club’s decision to dispense with the duo Sharif Ekrami and Hussam Ashour, saying: “The duos position is different, Sharif Ekrami stated his desire to leave, as he is thinking well and planning for himself and ambitious, and we wish him success, and I trust that he will return to Al Ahli in a great position, whether technically or Administratively because he deserves it. ”

Al-Ahly coach sent a message to Hussam Ashour, saying, “You did not make any crisis throughout your career and achieved a great history and performance. You must think about the presentation of the board of directors to you from all sides. I talked to Ashour in this matter two days ago, and I wish him success in any decision, because I I love and appreciate him on a personal level. ”

Al-Ahly officially thanked Sharif Ekrami, agreeing to the latter’s desire to leave after the end of the current season. (See details)

Meanwhile, the committee informed that Al-Ahly coach Rene Weiler did not want the continuation and renewal of Hossam Ashour, to offer him to retire. (See details)

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