FilGoal | News | Ekrami talks about … his “taunting” of Saleh Juma and the “super catastrophe”


Al-Ahly captain Sharif Ikrami and his goalkeeper, who announced his departure at the end of the season, revealed the details of the incident that gathered him in favor of the team’s playmaker Jumaa earlier this season.

Ikrami said in statements to the channel “On Time Sports”: “It is said that I beat Saleh, and this means that the incident changed a lot until I reached the media, there is no (strike) in Al-Ahly.”

And he added, “We can say that I violated it, not for the purpose of showing off (or looking), but when you find something outside the general behavior of the club, you try to correct it.”

He continued, “My relationship with Saleh is good, but his problem is that his lifestyle, which seems strange to people, is normal. I do not want to be among the parties that speak negatively of him because they are too many.”

He concluded on this point, “I advised him to leave, but he could have certain accounts or a specific offer that he did not reach, so he waited in Al-Ahly.”

Ikrami then went on to talk about what happened after Al-Ahly lost from Zamalek in the Egyptian Super Cup in Abu Dhabi, saying: “We talked as senior players with the players before the match, and we talked about reactions and that we are adults even if we lose.”

“What happened after the match was a disaster, and things got out of hand,” he said.

He revealed, “I had reproach on some players from the two teams, and I spoke with (Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim) electrically and felt sad about my speech. I do not justify him, but he may have been provoked by the pre-match statements and the circumstances of his transfer, and he felt that he must do more than that in the match “.

He concluded, “Perhaps there was a personal motivation for what he did (his running towards Abdullah Juma and the beginning of the altercation between the two teams), but these are not justifications.”

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