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Al-Ahly coach Rene Filer said he wished to play the top game against Zamalek in the league, which the white team withdrew from, and the Football Association considered him defeated by two goals.

Feiler also confirmed that Zamalek became stronger with his coach Patrice Carteron after a shaky start to the season.

“I wanted to play the League match, my team loves to play. The League match against Zamalek was important and the audience was waiting for it. I didn’t hide the stress before confronting Sun Downs at the time, it was so,” Fyler told the “Ontime Stadium” program on the “Ontime Sports” channel. It will be useful for me because I coordinated the training load on this basis. “

“I hope that we can resume playing the league and that these conditions pass, we can hold a combined session in a hotel, for example, or a sterile place. We respect the conditions of the country and hope that this circumstance will disappear, and certainly the players want to play.”

Asked about his solutions if Aldouri had been canceled, he answered, “I have no solutions if this is decided. I hope everyone is healthy and there is no risk. Playing games in a sterile hotel will restore hope and happiness to the fans. This is my opinion like anyone who has an opinion, but no An option I have and respect the decisions of the Football Association. ”

“My father advised me to live every experience, and try to benefit from everyone. I don’t want to be a coach only, but I want to be an ideal as a human being, we must be a positive example for everyone.”

He refused to answer two questions

Feiler refused to answer two questions that included choosing him the best player in Zamalek and in the ranks of his national team.

“I will not answer the question (the best player in Zamalek), happy that there is a strong competitor like Zamalek, and this is in the interest of Egyptian football, we must have a competitor on a strong level. Happy with the strength of Egyptian football and the presence of Al-Ahly and Zamalek.”

“I will not give you an answer regarding the players I like in Egypt. I would have answered if I left Egypt.”

“I will tell you that the Zamalek club has good players and a very strong team, and not only Zamalek. There are teams in Egypt that are eligible to win titles and happy that there are two Egyptian teams in the CAF semi-finals and I hope Al-Ahly will win them.”

“My team’s star is the whole team, I have many good players but I will not mention names in order not to frustrate players. I like to talk about my team and not the players individually,” he stressed.

On his relationship with Zamalek coach Patrice Carteron said: “There is no personal relationship between me and Patrice Carteron, we met on the day of the super game and he is a very good character. The impression I got is that he is very disciplined, and it is a good impression.”

“Zamalek’s performance is much stronger than the start of the season, their level is now much better since Cartier came.”

The reason for the tie with Smouha

On his opinion about Al-Ahly season so far, he said: “We played a very good first role and made a big difference of points, but if we wanted to win the title we had to provide the same performance. All teams have the same opportunities, we had injuries and we performed well so I want to praise my team and thank them for being They did not show any defects with the team. ”

As for the tie with Smouha, he commented, “It makes sense to draw against Smouha under pressure, there must be a period of decline in the level. The match had special circumstances because we returned shortly before that from South Africa. I do not describe it as a failure under these conditions and it was acceptable.” .

“I did not get a preparation period, and I do some experiments during the matches.”

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