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Believing from FilGoal.comIn his societal role in fighting the Corona virus and contributing to the “Stay at Home” campaign, we offer you the services of Egyptian football stars.

National team lost 3-1 from Algeria. What should he do against Brazil?

This is how Egypt’s players thought on their way to South Africa to take the Confederations Cup challenge against Brazil, Italy and America.

Sayed Moawad tells the scenes of the Brazil match, which witnessed a transformation from “a comic team to a cohesive team, who presented an offensive performance, perhaps the most wonderful of what appeared with the teacher. He presents the seventh episode in a series that tells the story of a major international superstar who has played for Al Ahly and Ismaili and has practiced in Turkey and like Egypt in major international forums.

All of the following is mentioned by Sayed Moawad:

Before the Brazil match, while I was waiting for the last lecture of Captain Shawky Gharib, I was thinking “What will we do before Brazil? We will win. That is, we have overcome us from Algeria.”

Here, Captain Shawky Gharib came in and told us: “Consider this match as a reward for winning the Africa Cup of Nations. We don’t want to play the game when we are pressured.”

Captain Hassan Shehatas plan relied on defense and numerical density in the middle of the field. Even Muhammad Abu Trika was required to step back to close the spaces on Kakas comrades.

But neither the plan nor the words of Captain Shawky saved the team in the first minutes of the match.

With the first 5 minutes of the match, Kaka dodges everyone’s goal. Every attack to Brazil has a goal. Someone was shivering on the field.

I told myself it looks like we’re going to a Brazilian party and the result will be heavy.

But frankly, the team at this time had strong names and personalities that held tight in this bad circumstance.

I still remember a world cross that I made for Hosni Abed Rabbo after dribbling two of Brazil’s defense. It was a beautiful ball and in the last minutes of the first half.

This good end for Egypt helped us a lot in entering the second half differently.

“Who is afraid to go”

Before the start of the second half, Captain Hassan Shehata entered the locker room in revolt.

He and Captain Shawky Gharib said very few words: “O people who are afraid to say so that we can change it. If we like that, we will not be saved with a scandal.”

At the beginning of the second half, Ahmed Hassan and Ahmed Eid Abdel-Malek entered. This duo is good at grabbing the ball, which is what relaxed us a little.

As if we changed shirts in the second half.

We play one unit we attack and defend and “heat up with some”, the ball with the couch Well we will move 3 players for him. Everyone was playing par excellence. This resulted in an impressive performance for Egypt.


I made a goal in this meeting for Mohamed Shawky. I hope that you will watch it again calmly:

You will find Brazil defenders all looking in the wrong direction when the cross was sent to Mohamed Shawky.

All Brazil defenders thought I would play ball inside the penalty area, but I played it back and laughed at them.

I was indebted to Theo Booker for this game when he was my coach in Ismaili.

Booker used to devote me half an hour a day in training to get me on the ball, then find solutions other than sending a regular cross.

Thanks, Booker. It shattered Daniel Alves, who after that match sat as a substitute for Maicon, and set a beautiful goal for Egypt that I will never forget in the Brazil goal.

Sadness in the team

Unfortunately, we did not win. Inside the dressing room, we were uncomfortable, and nobody spoke. Just everyone looks down and gets angry.

I was afraid of opening my cell phone so that I could not find curses and the reasons are hitting me.

Here captain Samir Zaher, the president of the federation, entered the time and told us: “Angry? Egypt is on Eid because of the team’s performance today. Rejoice.”

In fact, the real joy came in the next match against Italy. But this is another story.

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