FilGoal | News | Jensh reveals … a new injury stalled his return to Zamalek


Mahmoud Abdel-Rahim “Ganesh”, the Zamalek goalkeeper, explained that he was far from entering the list of matches during the recent period, despite his recovery from a cut in Achilles tendon.

“I was suffering from a metatarsal problem, it hindered me relatively, I dealt with it well, and I started to enter the list in the last two games, the most important would be good gradually,” he said on his club’s channel.

He added, “The competition with my teammates Muhammad Abu Jabal, Muhammad Awad and Muhammad Subhi is good and in the interest of the club, the most important thing is to use them correctly to keep things going as they are in the recent period.”

“The winnings make things better in the relationship between all the players, and I hope that this spirit remains to achieve victories and championships.”

“I always say to my fellow guards, train well,” he said. “Things change in a second, to stick to the opportunity with the earliest time, to prove yourself and that Zamalek did not make a mistake when contracting with you.”

In another context, the Zamalek goalkeeper completed his statements, “The Alexandrian match is very important, we closed the African journey, we know that we must focus and not lose any points in the league championship due to the big difference between us and the first and second positions, but we must approach and use our awakening in the period Coming. ”

Zamalek occupies the third position in the league with 31 points (and 3 points will be deducted from it by the end of the competition), while Al-Ittihad is ranked fifth with 27 points.

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