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4 provides live and direct coverage of Al-Ahly and Sun Downs in the second leg of the Champions League 8th round.

Follow the game, moment by moment From here.

D21: Ali Maaloul contributes the first goal of a direct free kick that hit the foot of the defender Maabue and turned into the net.

D19: Rami Rabiaa prevents a one-on-one for SunDowns striker, and continues a weak shot saved by Al-Shenawi

D 18: Cross from Ahmed Fathi to Ajay despite the censorship, which is weak and out of reach of the landowners.

D16: Geraldos individual effort on the right flank passes over from the head of Junior Agayi within the 6 yards.

15D: Alio Badji ground shot saved by Oniango easily.

D14: A bilateral game between Soulia and Maaloul on the left arcade, which ends with a cross from Tunisian, passing over everyone

D10: A powerful long-range keikana shot passes right next to Shennawi’s right post.

D4: Al-Shinnawy shines and tackles singles after a fast executed penalty spot by SunDowns in the absence of control from Ajay.

D1: A shot by Themba Zouani surpasses El Shenawi’s superstar.

Starting the match

Al-Ahly formation


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