FilGoal | News | Musimani: The entire African Champions League semi-finals negotiated with me, not Guardiola


South African Sun Downs coach Pitsu Musimani has revealed that he has entered into previous negotiations with all the CAF semi-finals.

Sun Downs and Musemani deposited the Champions League from the round of 8 with a 3-1 loss to Al-Ahly in the total of the first-leg matches.

“I have reached an agreement with the Sun Downs management and at 80% I will renew my contract,” Musimani said in his interview with SA FM radio.

“It’s not just about money, I’m not Josep Guardiola.”

“I am a humble person and when I go to Egypt, I see the state of love of the masses there for me, and the same is true when I travel to Morocco.”

“The four teams that reached the CAF semi-finals (Al-Ahly, Zamalek, Wadad and Raja) spoke to me to be their coach, but I don’t want to go anywhere else and I want to continue with Sun Downs.”

“I do not want the Sun Downs fans to believe that I want to leave, renew my contract in the hands of the club’s management and wait only to finalize the new contract,” he stressed at the end of his remarks.

Musimani has coached Sun Downs for 6 years and led the team to the 2016 African Champions League.

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