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The Ismaili club received an official notification from the Egyptian Football Association regarding the decision of the Arab Federation to establish a confrontation of hope without a public presence.

Al-Ismaili will be the guest of Moroccan Raja next Sunday in the second leg of the Arab Club Championship semi-final, and Al-Ismaili won the victory by a goal without a response.

In its statement sent to the Egyptian and Moroccan federations, the Arab Federation published “a reference to the developments of the new Corona virus and the precautionary measures taken by countries of the world to address this virus, and in order to ensure the safety of the masses and prevent the spread of the virus.”

“We decided, based on the procedures outlined, to hold semi-final matches without a public presence.”

In the first leg, Ismaili defeated the Moroccan champion in Ismailia, with a goal scored by the Tunisian Fakhr El Din Bin Youssef.

Ismaili needs to tie with any result or lose by a single goal difference other than the 1-0 result to formally qualify for the final match.

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