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The King of Spain Cup final scheduled for April 18 between Athletic Bilbao and Real Sociedad has been postponed.

The Spanish Federation President Luis Rubiales and officials of the two clubs held and decided to postpone the match due to the outbreak of Coruna virus without setting a new date.

The La Cartuja Stadium in Seville was to host the final.

In principle, the final could take place at the end of May, which depends on the evolution of the situation regarding the virus.

The idea of ​​holding the match without a public presence was excluded in light of the parties’ lack of agreement to implement the idea.

The confrontation of Bilbao and Sociedad will be repeated again after the confrontation of 1910 when Bilbao achieved the title by winning 1-0 and at that time Real Sociedad was called Baskonia..

The 1910 edition was exceptional as two separate versions of the tournament were held, one in Madrid and the other in San Sebastian, and the Spanish Federation currently recognizes the two championships and the two champions officially.

The previous confrontation with Bilbao and Sociedad was not a final match if the tournament was held with a group system of 3 teams and there was no actual final match, so Bilbao’s victory made him a leader and won the title while Sociedad occupied the second place.

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