FilGoal | News | Shikabala: The technical staff continues our daily training from home .. and human health is more important than the league


Mahmoud Abdel Razek, “Shikabala”, the star of Zamalek, revealed that the technical staff continues to train the players daily from home in the period of stopping the activity.

Sports activity is suspended in Egypt for a period of two weeks, due to a decision by the Council of Ministers not to spread the Corona virus.

Shikabala said in statements to the Zamalek channel: “The technical staff follows up with us on a daily basis, the exercises that each player performs to maintain our physical fitness.”

On his opinion on the fate of the league this season, he said, “I do not know what will happen in the coming period. Let’s wait and see, and certainly human health remains more important than football.”

“We, as players, get you into a lot of people during the matches. Whether in hotels or stadiums, so let’s wait and see.”

The captain of Zamalek recently talked about the cause of Zamalek’s last coronations, and said, “The team has become weft. Everyone is in the heart of one man, and there are no problems, so the championships existed.”

Zamalek was crowned last February in the African Super Cup and the Egyptian Super Cup, as well as qualifying for the semi-finals of the African Champions League at the expense of Esperance Tunisian.

Shikabala, who recently celebrated his 34-year-old birthday, is currently applying a suspension period for eight matches locally against the backdrop of the events of Zamalek and Al-Ahly in the Egyptian Super.

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