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Believing from His societal role in the fight against the Corona virus and a contribution to the “Stay Home” campaign, we present to you a new paragraph by asking a number of questions for a star, who answers from his home.

This time with one of the handball stars, Mohamed Sanad, the French Nem and Egypt.

And those were his answers to the questions:

Who was the most difficult player you faced?

Cyril Dumoulin, the French goalkeeper for Nantes.

A player you can rest assured of being on the team?

Ibrahim Al-Masry is definitely the rock of Egypt’s national defense.

If you were a sports champion other than handball, what would you be?

I choose American football or tennis.

– Unforgettable position on your career?

It was a very difficult situation for me, when I missed a penalty kick in the last Egyptian Cup final with Heliopolis Club against Al-Ahly and we lost the match.

I do not forget this position because I learned a lot from him and gave me personal strength and self-confidence after that during my career.

– A memorable match and what is the reason?

The Egypt Cup final was also between Heliopolis and Al-Ahly in the following season, we won the match and shine very thanks to God and scored 12 goals and was aLast my games with Heliopolis before the start of my professional career and the first championship in the club’s history.

Your opinion about the decision of the Tokyo Olympics?

On a personal level, I was hoping to set it up on time because we made a great effort to reach it, participating in the Olympics is a dream for any athlete, and nobody knows whether he will get the opportunity again or not.

But in the end, the preservation of public health is more important than anything, and I hope that the subject of the Coronavirus will end, so that life returns as it was, God willing.

– Do you encourage football? What is your favorite team?

In fact, I do not watch football much except for the World Cup and the Champions League in the final rounds and of course the African Nations Championship, and I have two favorite teams since childhood, Barcelona and Juventus.

– Choose the 5 best athletes historically globally.

A tough question, I would choose Michael Jordan (basketball), Roger Federer (tennis), Lionel Messi (soccer), Usain Bolt (athletics), Michael Phillips (swimming).

Choose the 5 best Egyptian athletes in history.

A more difficult question, but I will choose Ahmed Al-Ahmar and Hussein Zaki duo (handball), Raneem Al-Wailili (squash), Mohamed Salah (soccer), and Mohamed Ehab (weight lifting).

What is your favorite artwork?

I love La casa de papel and the shawshank redemption.

– Who is the artist waiting for any work submitted?

American actor Morgan Freeman.

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