FilGoal | News | Sun Downs Curator: Now I knew the secret of my laugh when we got drawn against Al-Ahly


Khaled Ali, General Coordinator of Sun Downs, justified the secret of his famous laugh when the team knocked Al-Ahly in the Champions League round of eight.

Al-Ahly qualified for the Champions League semi-final, at the expense of Sun Downs, 3-1, in the first leg of the first leg.

Khaled Ali said: “Now I knew the secret of my famous laugh at the time of the draw, now Sun Downs and bid farewell to the championship after playing against Al-Ahly, so I was laughing due to the difficulty of the confrontation.”

“This was what I was afraid of, we would have been drawn against the red genie, so I was laughing,” he added on Al-Ahly channel.

He continued, “Al-Ahly benefited from its early presence in South Africa to get used to the atmosphere and climate.”

“People say that Petsu Musimani makes strange statements to deceive Al-Ahly and his fans, but this is not true because he is telling the truth and Al-Ahly is already one of the continent’s strongest teams,” he explained.

“Al-Ahly is not the team that you can beat in two consecutive years during the same round of the championship,” he said.

“Al-Ahly continued to impose his style of the match, he was the best and he deserved to qualify.”

He revealed, “Petsu Musimani always sets the example with Al Ahly for Sun Downs players and tells them to look at the number of stars on the red team shirt, and ask them to be like the red castle.”

“Also, Musimani was right when he said that we will face Al-Ahly at the wrong time, because the Red Team at the moment is very strong.”

On Musimani’s emotions during the match, he said, “He only objected to wasting time, but the match ended in the first half and it was difficult to score 4 goals in the red nets.”

“I don’t want Al-Ahly to fall against Sun Downs next year and for the third time in a row, and if that happens, don’t ask me why I laugh,” he joked.

Al-Ahly tied away from its home field with Sun Downs, with a goal for each team in the second leg of the quarter-final, to set a date with Moroccan Wydad in the African Champions League semi-finals.

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