FilGoal | News | The calamities go straight to Sturridge in hours .. he stopped for the end of the season


After announcing the cancellation of his contract with Turkish Trabzonspor Monday morning, Daniel Sturridge received a severe blow by stopping him for the end of the season.

And the English network “Sky Sports” said today that the suspension will continue until the 17th of next June with a fine of 150,000 pounds.

This came after Sturridge leaked to his brother information about his possible move to Seville and this was used in bookmaking, which is considered a violation of the rules.

The former Liverpool striker was punished with a two-week suspension and a fine of 75,000 pounds, but the FA saw these penalties reduced and appealed against them.

This is in addition to proving two new charges that were originally rejected.

“The International Confederation confirmed that stopping the staging would be global, not just local,” said the FA statement.

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