FilGoal | News | The chief of grievances explains to Al-Joul the reason for reducing the penalty of Kahraba and Imam Ashour … and he refused to resume Zamalek


An argument between Al-Ahly and Zamalek players after the end of the meeting in the Egyptian Super

The Grievances Committee of the Football Association announced today, Thursday, the reduction of the penalty for Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim “Kahraba” and Imam Ashour, players of Al-Ahly and Zamalek, from suspension to the end of the season to the suspension of 10 games. What is the reason?

Adel El Shourbagy, head of the grievance committee, answered to, saying, “We listened to the defense submitted by Al Ahly and Zamalek and we watched all the videos related to the match again.”

“What is the meaning of the suspension penalty for the end of the season? This matter needs explanation. Does the punishment include friendly or official matches only?”

“What if the season was canceled due to an outbreak of the Corona Virus? Was the punishment implemented or postponed to the next season? Shikabala was punished by suspending 8 games and at that time he was punished more than electrified and Imam Ashour.”

And the chairman of the grievance committee added, “The penalty of the two should not be less than Shikapala, so the decision was to suspend 10 games.”

When asked why the punishment for Shikapala was not reduced, he replied, “He is the leader of Zamalek and plays an essential role in advising his colleagues and stopping any transgression from them.”

“But that did not happen, and he participated in the events, unfortunately, so his sentence was preserved.”

Top of the league

At the same time, the Grievance Committee refused to appeal Zamalek to the disciplinary committee’s decision to punish him with a deduction of six points from his balance as a result of the withdrawal from the summit meeting before Al-Ahly. What is the reason?

Al-Shurbagi replied, “It was difficult to rely on evidence in Zamalek’s request, given that all parties to the match naturally existed in the Cairo Stadium from Al-Ahly, the referees and the observers.”

“We listened to the statements of the tourism company whose Zamalek received its bus on its way to the stadium and to the testimony of the security authorities, so the punishment was fixed,” he said.

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